Frida's Vision

Today's outfit is inspired by the iconic image of Frida Kahlo. You may ask yourself why? Well, because Frida Kahlo continues to amaze and influence new generations of fashion designers, stylists and photographers all over the world. Her style seems to be timeless and easy to interpret in many different ways... Let's see my vision!
Independent and strong, Frida wrote her own rules and developed a unique personal style. She made a signature look of her thick eyebrows and ink-black hair - centre parted and slicked into a bun. Frida used big, bold accessories and strong colorful makeup. She dressed in rugged men's suits or color-soaked Mexican traditional blouses and skirts. Conventions didn't stand a chance with Frida Kahlo.
Her personal style and her love of colour was a distinctive as her paintings. She combined traditional Mexican textiles with elaborate hairstyles and eclectic jewellery to create a remarkable look. Having a huge lust for life, she was charming and alluring, and had a seductive effect on many people around her. They admired her beauty, personality, talent and dark sense of humour. The clothes she wore were a reflection and a bold statement against life difficulties that she faced since an early age.

Both her paintings and her personal style served as inspiration for many photographers and fashion designers around the world, such as Galliano, Lacroix, Givenchy and Comme des Garcon. In fact, Jean Paul Gaultier's 1998 collection was inspired by Frida - "Homage a Frida Kahlo". 

-Wear long skirts. Kahlo contracted polio at the age of six, which made one leg thinner than the other. She disguised this by wearing long skirts.
-Shop for blouses. Kahlo wore festive blouses with prints that often did not match her skirts, but rather complimented them.
-Wear ribbons or flowers in your hear. Kahlo wore her signature braids and interwove colorful ribbons or flowers into her hair.
-Wear shawls. Kahlo wore bright shawls that typically contrasted from the rest of her outfit.
-Wear eclectic jewelry. She loved her Lariat necklace and sometimes was pictured wearing  mismatched earrings.

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ZADIN spunea...

Cred că ai fost un model de mare succes. Combinaţia m-a lăsat fără cuvinte.

Mihaela Pojogu spunea...

Frumoase pozele, hainele, atitudinea ta!

Alice spunea...

Sunteti superba! Astazi v-am descoperit blogul si am ramas invaluita de postarile dumneavoastra. Va multumesc pentru munca pe care o depuneti pentru acest blog minunat! :)

Raluca Vintilescu spunea...


Camelia Andrasescu spunea...

Senzationale fotografii, felicitari!

Carmen Negoiță spunea...

Ha ha. Zadin imi lipsesc niste centimetrii si abdomen, ca sa pot sa fiu model. :)))

Carmen Negoiță spunea...

Merci Raluca. Merci Camelia. Va pup.

Carmen Negoiță spunea...

Mihaela Iti multumesc mult.

Carmen Negoiță spunea...

Alice iti multumesc mult si ma bucur ca iti place blogul meu. Dar, te rog sa imi vorbesti la per tu. Sunt Carmen pentru toata lumea. :))) Te pup

Arina spunea...

Doar acu am descoperit pozele, nici nu stiu cu de le-am ratat!
Sunt minunate, iar styling-ul m-a lasat fara cuvinte! Multuesc mult mult de tot ca ai ales o camasa facuta de mine!
Mult succes in continuare si din nou, felicitari pt. blogul minunat!


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