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11 mart.


Rosul este, poate, una dintre cele mai frumoase si mai interesante culori. Atat femeile cat si barbatii sunt fascinati de energia pe care o emana, insa cati dintre noi avem si curajul sa o purtam? De ce e totusi greu de purtat rosul? In primul rand, te va pozitiona in centrul atentiei, astfel ca trebuie sa fii sigur 100% ca arati impecabil purtand-o.  In al doilea rand, daca aveti probleme cu tenul, ar fi de preferat sa evitati rosul, deoarece accentueaza  ceea ce in mod normal ar trebui ascuns. In al treilea rand, cine poarta rosu trebuie sa isi asume si o atitudine pe masura. Rosul este culoarea oamenilor puternici si nu celor timizi. Sau, de ce nu, poate fi terapia perfecta. E un inceput pentru toate, nu-i asa? 

Red is, perhaps, one of the most beautiful and interesting colors. Men and women are fascinated by the energy it provides, but how many of us have the courage to actually wear it? Why is it so difficult to wear red? First of all, because it will make you the point of attraction anywhere you go, therefore you must be 100% sure you wear it flawlessly. Secondly, you should avoid red if you gave skin problems, because this color shows all the imperfections. Last, but not least, you should have the proper attitude while wearing it. Red is the color of the strong people, not the shy ones. Or, why not, it could also be the ultimate therapy for this. There’s a beginning for anything, right?

Photography by RARES PULBERE /
Location LONDON



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