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6 Mar


Dragele mele prietene, azi va prezint cel de-al treilea outfit pe care l-am avut la London Fashion Week. Daca zilele trecute am vorbit despre eleganta trench-ului si am spus DA stilului feminin, azi vom aborda tema influentelor masculine. Pentru ca, sa recunoastem, a fi femeie nu inseamna intotdeauna vulnerabilitate si sensibilitate. Suntem puternice, iar aceasta trasatura este minunat pusa in evidenta de acest costum grena Burberry. Rigiditatea croielii este contrabalansata de paleta cromatica a costumului, iar plicul Burberry este touch-ul inedit care completeaza tinuta intr-un mod original. Elementul metalic auriu si capul de vulpe de pe geanta devin detalii cheie ale outfitului. Va urez un weekend stylish si ne revedem saptamana viitoare!

P.S. Magazinul Burberry din București se află pe strada Luterană nr. 4.

My dears, today I am going to present you the third outfit I wore during London Fashion Week. In my previous posts, I have written about the elegance provided by the trench and  I said “Yes” to the feminine style, but today I will talk a bit about the masculine influences. Because, let’s face it, being a woman doesn’t always mean vulnerability and sensibility. We are strong, and this feature is beautifully showed by this cherry-colored Burberry suit. The stiffness of the cut and the color palette of the suit are perfectly balanced, and the Burberry clutch represents the unique touch that originally completes the outfit. The gold element and the fox head on the purse are the key elements. Have a stylish weekend and see you next week!

P.S. Burberry store in Bucharest is situated on 4 Luterana Street.

Photography RARES PUBLERE /
Location LONDON





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