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Carmen Negoita
1 Mar


Lady vs Gentleman by Alexandru Ciucu is a collection as a tribute to Coco Chanel and was for the first time when he designed clothes for women. The new collection includes business suit, casual and ceremony. On the rhythms of the most popular French songs by Edith Piaf, reinterpreted in a contemporary way by Alina Sorescu and reworked for the catwalk by Andrei Tudor, were presented over 60 pieces of clothing. On the other hand, the collection is inspired by the stylistic adventure that Alexandru Ciucu lived and assimilated in the few months he spend in Monte Carlo, where he had last year a fashion show.'The idea of launching a women's collection started as a challenge, but also as a...
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22 Feb


No stress, no sickness, no problems, no due dates, no rushing. This is what my life has been consisting of at the moment. I just want to faff - to waste time on an unproductive activity. To lie down on the grass, look up at the trees, see clouds rolling by, watch sunsets, gaze at stars. To take a break. The italian clearly know how to enjoy life and relax. Yes, they do! Hat Ralph Lauren / Jacket Massimo Dutti / Blouse H&M / Pants Zara / Shoulder Bag Zadig & Voltaire / Bag Marc Jacobs / Boots Fendi / Sunglasses Vintage / Earings Vintage ...
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13 Feb


SHOEGASM- What's that sound? I like that sound, I love that sound.- It's the sound of my shoes!------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Photographer: Iuliana Popescu @ viZorConcept & Styling: George EnacheMake up: Claudia MusatModel: Bogdan Constantinescu Boots: MIHAI ALBU.Pumps: MIHAI ALBU.Pumps: MIHAI ALBU.Pumps: SERGIO ROSSI.Boots: MIHAI ALBU.Sandals: MIHAI ALBU.Boots: MIHAI ALBU....
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