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16 apr.

Visiting Andra Andreescu

Dears, I have visited the fashion showroom of Andra Andreescu and I was pleasantly surprised. It is a space where fashion seems to be a religion, a religion that deify women and beauty. In case if you don’t know to much about the fashion designer Andra Andreescu, you will definitely know more after reading the interview. 



Carmen: What did you do before you became a fashion designer?
Andra: I started as a model, I did it for fun, and it helped me to get closer of what I’m doing now.
Carmen: Tell me about your beginnings as a fashion designer, how it happened?
Andra: Before the actual work, I began to study flat sketching, fashion design, the costume history and painting. The next step was to make the settings for my workshop, sewing machines, cutting table and so on. 
Carmen: What is your brand defining style?
Andra: It was very difficult to acquire a style to define myself. Now, after two years, I hope that my work speaks about me, who I am as a fashion designer. I’m in the studio every day, I am involved in every product I made and I pay attention on every detail. This is a defining element – high quality label.
Carmen: Which segment you’re addressing?
Andra: That segment who seeks originality, I mean the modern woman, who is strong and edgy.
Carmen: „Back to Tradition” is the latest collection, tell us a few things about it.
Andra: „Back to Tradition” it is an adventure to ancient times, but exposed in a modern travel because I  combined avant-garde elements with items from romanian folk costume.
Carmen: Where we can find you? (online & offline)
Andra: Our products can be found in our showroom, here we have the entire collection, and at the same time you can buy our capsule collection for Quoi de Neuf (Baneasa Shopping City). Now we prepare new collaborations with shops from Bucharest, but if you want to receive the latest news you can subscribe on our official website:
Carmen: What is your greatest desire?
Andra: This autumn I plan to go to New York Fashion Fair. But until then I’m satisfied with the joy of every happy customer.
Carmen:  What was the greatest professional achievement so far?
Andra: Well…the collection „Back to Tradition”, definitely! I worked hard for this collection and it was our first fashion show hosted at Titulescu Palace. This experience was not possible without my team, which I’m grateful. 
Carmen: What are your plans for the future?
Andra: I started working for the new collection (a/w 2013), a fusion between 1800s and our days.
Thank you very much Andra Andreescu for your kindness!
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