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22 apr.

Raw Smoothie

My dears, I am a devote of food that’s as liquid as possible. In many days, two of my meals are made of raw smoothies or protein shakes.

Today I want to show you a smoothie which I tried a while ago and I found it very interesting.

For the first composition I added some red beet, honey, two spoons of psyllium bran and alemond milk to make it fluid. I put it in a glass and I left it in the fridge until I made the other composition.

The second layer is made of a nectarina, two bananas, ginger, turmeric and alemond milk. If you are patient enough for both layers to harden they will look really nice, each in its own color. But as I didn’t have so much patience, I put the second layer in the glass and I completed with alemond milk to fill the glass.

It has a very interesting taste, but more important, it has a lot of nutrients. The fruit, the seeds, the turmeric, which is the number one antioxidant, the ginger make this smoothies a full and complete meal.

I hope you will like it.


Photography by Iuliana Popescu

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Raw Smoothie
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