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29 apr.

Where, how and especially what should we wear on the 1st of May?

Despite calendars that show us that summer begins in June, most of us celebrate its coming on May 1. The days become longer and warmer, the terraces open their doors and we spend more time out. Which means we’ll need more clothes or more inspiration to create new outfits every time. That’s why today I’ll tell you a little bit about some pieces of clothing and accessories that you can use in various combinations due to their ability to easily adopt depending on the context in which you choose to wear them. This season seeks a good spirit, the expressiveness and the creativity. It is very important to make the right choices in terms of fashion, but we must provide a personal touch that represent us. So, even if you have not decided yet where you will spend this weekend, I invite you to take a look at my proposals.


I have told you before how much I love white shirts. They’re versatile items that can easily be combined leaving you the freedom to create matching outfits. Depending on the context, location or the moment you choose to wear it, the white shirt can be worn in a casual, office or cocktail way. Now take a look through your clothes and you will surely find a skirt (mini, midi, maxi) or a pair of pants / jeans to combine the white shirt.



As I said, expressiveness is the star of this season. The vivid colors inspired by nature take the outfits out of the black / white monotony and a colorful accessory can radically change a simple outfit. YVY Bags and I worked together and we tried to conceive more models in this season colors. You can discover them in my shop.



I don’t deny the place of honor that heels have in our lives, but I must say it’s not a tragedy if you choose to wear something else. Oxford shoes have a very long history and they always make us remember the gentlemen from England. Although initially they were created for men, not few are those girls who claim to be fans of this type of shoes. The reasons are very simple: they are comfortable, stylish and easy to adapt. For example I wore a pair of oxford shoes at Milan Fashion Week.



It will be sunny, so glasses are a must. Depending on your face shape you can choose a model that suits you. I like very much round glasses as you have seen in some older posts.



Have you seen my post about Borealy earrings? Then you know what I mean. Accessories clearly change any outfit and depending on the combinations that you do, you can create new outfits just by accessorizing them correctly.


I tried to share some of my tips with you because I know that all of us face the question „what should I wear tonight?”. But most importantly, I’d recommend you to follow this season trends based on colors closely related to our state of mind which should be joyful enough to let us be creative. I hope you’ll have a great weekend!


Unde, cum si mai ales ce purtam de 1 mai?
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Unde, cum si mai ales ce purtam de 1 mai?
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