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3 Jun

Food Intolerance Detection Test

I was telling you that I did the Pinner Test, the latest test which discovered your food intolerance. As you know, I am interested in having the healthiest lifestyle and to consume healthy food. For me, beauty means health, otherwise I couldn’t promote a field as beautiful as fashion, raw- vegan food and everything I do. I own a raw-vegan restaurant, and yes, I eat top quality aliments. That’s why I wanted to know if my body tolerates the food I consume. I read some time ago about food intolerance. Even if I was feeling well, nothing was bothering me, I wanted to do the Pinner Test, because I considered it was a prevention instrument. I heard it’s the latest launched test...
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2 Jun

Cat Eyes Tutorial

Video and photography by Iuliana Popescu My dears, it’s time for a new tutorial from my series with Sephora Romania and TooFaced. After we learned how to prepare our skin for makeup, to do a natural makeup and about sculpting/ contouring, now I want to tell you a little more about achieving the perfect Cat Eyes look. The Cat Eyes makeup is obtained using a pencil or black shadow applied in the external corner of the eyes in  V-shaped eyes to the base of the eyelashes. With the help of an eyeliner brush create  a dramatic elongated line. Provide extra brightness by applying on the internal corner and arcade with a light shimmer shade. The Too Faced Cat Eyes palette was specifically created...
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29 May

Face Makeup Tutorial

Video and photography by Iuliana Popescu Sculpting tutorial with TooFaced and Sephora Romania After we saw how we prepare our face for makeup and how we realize the natural look i want to show you another important step which is sculpting. Contouring your face is a great way to emphasize your features and correct your flaws in a natural way, when done properly of course. To contour the face use a powder that is 2,3 shades darker than your skin tone skin and an illuminator. For this type of makeup, Too Faced created the Cocoa Powder Contouring palette. Regarding the application, there is much to say on this matter as it depends on your face shape, the flaws we want to correct and the...
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25 May

Natural Makeup Tutorial

Photography and video by Iuliana Popescu My dears today i will show you how to realize a natural makeup with TooFaced! After learning how to prepare your skin for makeup (see HERE) now let’s go for a natural look, perfect for office hours, garden parties or quiet evenings with friends. To obtain a natural look you need a foundation with a light texture and a brightening effect matching your skin tone. For the eyes you can use matte or slightly shimmery neutral shades. And for a final fresh touch go for a blush in a soft pink shade. What did we use? Born this way Too Faced foundation in nude Sweethearts Too Faced blush in Candy Glow Natural Eyes Too Faced eyeshadow pallete Better than Sex Too Faced mascara And...
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19 May

Makeup Tutorial 1 – How to prepare your skin for makeup

Video and photography by Iuliana Popescu As I promised last week, today we start the series of awesome makeup tutorials with Sephora Romania. First order of business, How to prepare your skin for makeup! Now,  how do you do that? Do you moisturize and then apply foundation, or do you apply foundation directly? Sephora's make up artist walked me through the right process. The first step is to clean your face even though you didn't use any makeup products that day, micellar water is perfect for that task, we used Rexaline's Hydrating Micellar Water for face and eyes at it gently hydrates your skin. After, it is crucial to moisturize so that your skin remains silky & smooth throughout the day and after...
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12 May

How do you prepare your skin for summer

My dears, because in less than a month we will be exposed to the sun I want to tell you about some rituals with which you can prepare your skin for summer. Some of them I’ve discovered myself, others were recommended by specialists and I loved them. A lot of people ask me what do I do to take care of my face. I have no secret recipe; I just take care of myself (I’m a maniac about this) and probably genetics help me too. The only thing I recommed is to act in more directions. Alimentation and hydration from inside, cleaning and hydration from exterior, massages, special treatments and of course to do something to bring a smile to your...
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17 Apr

Discover Viva Glam – Miley Cyrus for Mac Cosmetics

Myley Cyrus for Mac Cosmetics Miley Cyrus launched two products for VIVA GLAM collection, which will certainly become must-haves: a pink super-sexy lipstick and a pearly lipgloss for creating the perfect duo. Each time you chose to buy a gloss or a lipstick from the VIVA GLAM collection, the money you pay is entirely directed to the humanitarian funds MAC AIDS FUND, whose purpose is to contribute to the increase of life quality of the persons affected by HIV/AIDS. Prices: lipstick 92 lei, Gloss 86 lei For this matter, Mac Cosmetics launched a challenge #buyonelipstick #saveonelife through which we invite all our friends to join the cause. I also invite you to join this cause and make a difference! Stay healthy!   ...
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7 Jan


It’s over! The holidays are over, we’re over cooking and the heavy meals (for those who did that), and now we’re going back to the daily routine and of course the eternal fight with the kilograms we’ve gained these weeks. I have to admit that I tasted pretty much goodies these days, and now, in vacation (besides huge quantities of tropical fruit) I tasted all kinds of specialties. But when I get home I’ll start the same routine as you. In my long trips around the country I eat unhealthy things sometimes, but I take care to do a detoxification after I get home. They usually last one day, but detoxification is perfect for as many days as you can. And after...
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18 Dec

Criosauna- a revolutionary treatment

My dears, this week I have talked more about health and beauty also. If on Monday I was telling you about food intolerance, today I want to tell you about a new therapy which I’ve tried recently. We all know the theory about a normal life, including myself and that’s: eight hours of sleep, hydration, periodically detoxification and not only physical but also psychic, healthy food, sport and soul nurturing. Unfortunatelly, myself and many others are caught up in this world in which things change so fast and you need to keep up. This is not always beneficial for our organism. I am not against aesthetic surgery, but I’m always trying to find non-invasive methods. Prevention is, from my point of view,...
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15 Dec


My dears, as you know, I am really concerned about nutrition and I’m trying to eat healthy and correctly most of the time. I said this thing before and I repeat: a percentage between 60-90% of raw aliments is the best for combining with little pleasures. Besides all this, it’s important to know that there are aliments that can harm you even if they are healthy if you have a specific intolerance. Well, I tried these days the PINNER TEST, which is the most recent test for finding out your food intolerances, launched even in the United States with the approval of FDA (Food and Drug Administration). After taking it I received some very useful recommendations which I want to...
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