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Carmen Negoita / 2016 / September
27 Sep

Timeless glamour

Fur pieces are timeless and for couple seasons they are in fashion again, mainly as accessories or details in certain pieces, but when we talk about vests and longs coats also. Especially now when they are available in different interesting colors like the purple accessory that I wore to NYFW with my red suit from Styland, creating a cool contrast. If you didn’t see my outfit, you can check it out here & here. Of course, you have the option to choose from natural or faux fur. It’s strictly about preferences, personal beliefs and budget. From all the fur items and accessories, I  believe vests fit my style the best. They are easy to wear, chic and extremely versatile. You...
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26 Sep

New campaign with Ploiesti Shopping City

If you visited Ploiesti Shopping City or checked out their Facebook page, they are very active there by the way, you’ve already seen the photos from their new autumn winter campaign, yes, yes, that’s me there. I’m very happy because this is the second season we’re working together and to be sincere, I’m starting to feel like home there. I know where all the shops are, how the collections are organised and the food + entertainment areas also. The novelty of this season is  the new Adidas concept store, the only one in Ploiesti, which was a very nice surprise. And if you wanna go shopping, let me tell you that in Ploiesti Shopping City you’ll find all...
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24 Sep

Why you need to book a ticket to Panama II

And after all this adrenaline and cold weather it’s necessary to go to the beach. I think the tourist region is the Bocas de Toro island, an archipelago so diverse and impressive that it is hard to describe in words or to explain why I like it so much. Each escapade on its various islands or even on the main island is an adventure. In Almirante leave the car parked in one of the special places and take one of the rides to Isla Colon, the main island in the archipelago. You will meet many locals on bicycles eager to help you leave your car and to find a boat. They don’t organize the rides they want tips but will help...
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20 Sep

New York Fashion Week

My first fashion week was 3 years ago, here in NY, so I waited with impatience to get back. I was curious how things evolved and how the shows are organised now, given that the location at Lincoln Center is no longer available. I remember dearly that location. Now, the shows take place in different locations about 3 primary and many underground individual locations and in personal showrooms. In parallel with the main agenda there are also 3 major agencies, which have shows. Which means that many are happening at the same time and sometimes you can not go at them all. My first day at NYFW began with two presentations, one at 9 and another at 10 am, which I missed...
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15 Sep

Happy Birthday to…Meee

I know you’re probably waiting for the first post about Fashion Week, but because today is my birthday I will share with you 36 things you don’t know about me. Why 36? Because I’m 36 and i’m not afraid to say my age. That’s what happens when you feel like you are 20. 1. In elementary my nickname was Eminescu, because I had a wide forehead. 2. In hightschool, I had an altercation which led to a fine for disturbing the public order. 3. I played football for 8 years, but not professionally.  4. I drank coffee for the first time in highschool, to study for a biology paper. I didn’t know which was the right dose, so I drank 2 big cups. I...
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10 Sep

Charles & Ron and the Fairy Valley

A year ago I discovered this enchanted place from the pics of Alin Pandaru & I was very impressed. So, I took the kids one weekend on a road trip on the Transfagarasan road determined to see where’s this Lord of The Rings like home. On the outside it looks incredible, it’s still under construction but has a huge potential. This year, when I heard that my friends from Charles & Ron will showcase their collection at the Clay Castel from Fairy Valley, I was very excited. Couldn’t wait to see how the construction evolved, but I was very curious to see the collection also. The result was incredible! The hotel is almost ready for visitors, but even in this stage it...
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