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Carmen Negoita / 2016 (Page 2)
3 Nov

Ideas for a day in the bedroom … with you

Sometimes, when I'm alone, it happens that I don’t feel like leaving the house. Actually, not really in the mood to get out of bed. But this happens very rarely, unfortunately.  Besides two trips to the bathroom or kitchen, I do work from the comfort of my bed or a cleaning mania starts. I used to do a general cleaning, complete with sorting clothes 2 times per year. Since my schedule started to get busy, I fail doing that. Even this week I started a little cleaning, but fail to organise more than 2 drawers a week. At this rate I’ll finish in 2017 ? There will be a youtube video about organising your wardrobe soon. If you didn’t subscribe to my channel,...
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1 Nov

How we protect ourselves during winter

Iwas curious what appears on the net when searching "how we protect ourselves during winter" and the first two results were about vaccines, some hair ideas, followed by  "common sense” advice to quit smoking, as it is button on and off depending on the season, and then back to pills and vaccines. No article talking about the real prevention. I will not plea against conventional medicine. I used it, I use it when necessary, but I don’t abuse it. One of the things that I hate about traditional medicine is that you teach the body to be lazy. They developed a bacteria first, a disease, then of course came the antidote. They speculated peoples fear of pain greatly. And...
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31 Oct

Up-style your sportswear with Tommy Hilfiger

Weight loss isn’t glamorous, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be stylish in the gym. I recently read an article written by a psychologist, who said that it is better to invest in a cool gym equipment than in an evening dress. For the dress  you must find an event or an occasion to wear it, as for the workout clothes,  you know exactly what to do with them and you go to the gym at least to pride yourself with your new purchase. Funny ? but is a hint of truth. Photos by Rares Pulbere  / Location W by World Class Even if sport is a necessity, not a fad, it was happened to me that new clothes gave me a positive vibe and...
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25 Oct

2 effective strength training

I was "owed" you a video from the "Let's be in shape this summer" series, series that has not ended and will continue this fall. I need to think of another name. Maybe you can help me and I with an idea. ? In debt because I  posted  the clip on Youtube and I did not share it with you on the blog and on my social channels. You can follow me on youtube and be the first to know everything that I post there, because sometimes I post them on the blog with a little delay. Subscribe, subscribe, subscribe! In the video I'm telling you about about  two effective strength exercises that if you follow consistently, you will see results quickly. The...
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21 Oct

Carrots, red lentils and nuts pate

I'm back with a new very, very tasty and healthy recipe. I know it's a challenge for me to film every week, but I try so hard darlings. I'm doing my best! Today we have a recipe rich in protein, Omega 3, folic acid and vitamin E. Sounds good, right? We begin with carrots which we bake in a tray, sprinkled with olive oil, Himalayan salt, curry and a little pepper. In the time the carrot "steaks" cooks we take care of the  lentils and nuts. Bring water to boil, turn off the heat and put the lentils in for about 10 minutes. Cook the  nuts in a hot pan with a little coconut oil and mix them until they have a nice brown shade. After...
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18 Oct

An 80’s moment at NYFW

If you read my blog from the beginning and saw my blogging evolution , you surely noticed that I like to experiment almost with fashion styles . I think in life you have to experiment and don’t limit yourself to certain things. Often, I mix contemporary trending pieces, with older items in my wardrobe. But when I say old, I do not mean "outdated" because I invest in timeless pieces that can be worn several seasons. In the other post when I told you about the new Furla store in Baneasa Shopping City, I said  I picked two bags from their shelves. Well, the second choice is a very stylish and popular bucket bag. From my point of view, it is likely...
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17 Oct

10 rules to survive the Fashion Week

Fashion weeks are over and you’ve saw some bloggers day by day, running from a show to another in all four fashion capitals. If you think this is easy, you are wrong. Just who has been there can understand what is really going on. It is true that in the first season adrenaline is high. Everything new, you learn how things work and feel so much feet pain, hunger or fatigue. In time, however, when certain things become routine (not talking about the collections, you always wait them anxiously) you start to become conscious of the more basic needs of the body. Each blogger has little tricks to survive this period. Personally I do not know if I could last more than 2...
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10 Oct

New in town Furla Store

I remember dearly my first Furla bag, which I kept until today. It is roomy, black and I bought it in Rome. Ten years ago big brands weren’t that present in Romania. Today, fortunately, we have access to them easily. When I received the invitation to visit the new Furla store in Baneasa Shopping City, I was super excited. I took advantage of the situation and chose two bags from NYFW looks, which I’m sure you’ve seen on instagram and snapchat. Yes, it was very hard for me to decide after I entered the store and say all those little wonders. When you like a piece and you see it in every colour, you start to imagine how many outfit combos you...
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6 Oct

Romanian designers at NYFW

Because I believe in the work of Romanian designers, at every Fashion Week I try to combine made in RO pieces in my outfits, we do have reasons to be proud. It’s true that the big brands are more popular with street style photographers, but I believe that a mix made only with a very known brands aren’t that original. I always thought and still have the same opinion, that you combine pieces from young designers with mass market brands and add a touch of luxury brands, you put your creativity to work. A catwalk outfit looks spectacular indeed, but it isn’t your creation but the designer’s. I promised in the last post that I'll tell you about the presence of Romanian...
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