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12 Feb

How to spend 7 amazing days in Tenerife- part 2

How to discover Mars in Tenerife If in the last post I told you how I traveled the island by car and how I arrived in Masca, The Pirate Village, today I will tell you how I climbed one of the greatest volcanoes.  After two days of  wandering the island from west to east, it was time for a beach day. The most popular and visited is Playa de las Americas, where you can admire surfers dancing on ocean waves. It is an interesting view, ladies! Playa de las Americas is known for its bustling nightlife, but also for all types of restaurants. Unfortunately, I can not recommend any club because I didn’t attend any. Like I said in the first post, I...
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8 Feb


In Romanian popular tradition February is called Faurar, but I would call this month Eros. Why? Because in this period of the year, people celebrate the most elevating human feeling- love. This how the idea to make a post series about love came to life. Starting today I'll present you #FiftyShadesofRed. The main role is played by the red colour while fashion directs the entire action of the series. There will a total of 10 parts with 50 items in different tones of red, five for each post. The first episode is called "Shoe Love is True Love". Can someone contradict this quote? Us, women, know that is true. We are much to vulnerable to this tentation. Shoes are...
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4 Feb

How to spend 7 amazing days in Tenerife – part 1

What to do 7 days in Tenerife To swim in the ocean, at 28 degrees, in January, while in Bucharest are -15 degrees, there’s no need to fly around half the globe. I chose to spend a one week vacation on an exotic island which isn’t that far from Europe. More exactly, in Tenerife, where you can go with line flights ( the stopover can be strenous - 7 hours in Madrid) or with low cost flights ( like Ryannair). It depends how much you are willing to spend on the ticket. Attention, because many times the low-cost airline baggage extra costs can be 2-3 the ticket itself. But let’s get over the little transport details and tell you what Tenerife meant to...
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2 Feb

Denim essentials

Denim Essentials It’s part of our daily routine, accompanied important moments in history,  occurs in the 17th century, comes from the city of Nimes and becomes and emblematic element in America, and in the 50s material is commonly used by everyone. Denim, because that’s what I’m talking about, is one of the few fabrics that transited easily through time. We don’t know what would have happened with this fabric if it wasn’t for Leob Strauss. He is the one who produced the emblematic Levi’s jeans and Jacob Davis patented the use of staples for a strengthening the seams. From this point the jeans history starts, while the  designers of big fashion houses always used this fabric and kept in trend. Denim articles are...
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19 Jan

@UrbanPost by Carmen Negoita – Palton Windsor White

Yes, yes, I have a new post for you, I want to show you the last coat from the first available ones on, @UrbanPost by Carmen Negoita - Windsor White Coat. It does match the weather, doesn't it? This in case you missed the snow. The WindsorWhite coat, first and foremost inspires me elegance, even though I chose to wear it a more alternative outfit.  You already know that I'm a fan of the pajamas trend. Remember this outfit? But as you can notice, the coat adds elegance to any king of outfit. Doesn't matter if you're wearing heels or sneakers. Like the rest of the coats from the UrbanPost by Carmen Negoita collection, Windsor White is made of 100% wool and it...
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15 Jan

How to get back in shape after the holidays

During this period, after the holidays, we hear more and more about how to get back in shape and how the fastest solution is detox. Well, let me tell your that this detox is often misunderstood. For many, it means eating everything they can today and, tomorrow, for 3-5 days, consume only juice. And that's it! Then return to the disorganized eating habits of before. I believe this approach is more harmful to the body than not doing at all. Our body has a memory and, over time, gets used to our habits. When we suddenly decide to eat healthy for a short period of time, it gets confused. A detox should be a restart to another kind of lifestyle and our...
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12 Jan

Five reasons to choose short hair in 2016

The new year couldn’t start without a little look change. It isn’t a radical change like last year, but, truth be told, I ended up wishing short hair like my son. I always wanted this type of hairstyle and I don’t regret taking this step. Lots of my friends ask me if it’s easier or more complicated to maintain this kind of hairstyle. So, I thought of 5 reasons why should get a short hairstyle. I style it in 5 minutes. Don’t imagine that I don’t need to go the hairdresser… But not so often as I did when I had long hair. And, thank God, it’s very good, because in those hours I spent at the hairdresser, now I get work...
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5 Jan

My top 10 wishes for 2016

The end of the year was a little busy for me, so I haven’t had the chance to make a list with what I want to accomplish in 2016.  Only now, after the busy period ended, I managed to sit in front of my laptop and set 10 targets for this year. A list to help me to better mobilize & view clearer where I'm going and what to do better. In addition, I can return to it throughout the year and asses if I respect the proposed targets. 1. To keep me and my family on a healthy lifestyle. It sounds cliché, but it’s the most important aspect. I see and hear of serious situations that could confirm the fact...
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