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19 Feb

My Palau adventure – Part III

Peleliu Island Bloody Beach
The last part of my Palau adventure began on the island of Peleliu, where one of the most important battles between Americans and Japanese took place in World War II The island is full of remnants reminiscent of the bloody battle. Rusty tanks, guns, and holes in Mount Umurbrogol, from where the  Japanese were defending themselves. Photos by Rares Pulbere I was telling you in the previous post that we stayed at Storyboard, a complex of 6 houses overlooking the beach. The place is very well maintained, good food, but in the evening is better to stay indoors because it is full of insects, crabs and other creatures. In fact the whole island has live beaches in the evening. I do not recommend to...
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23 Jan

8 tips for a warm outfit

What to wear at -15 degrees? An eskimo suit is the correct answer. But how do you combine fashion with the practical side? That was my biggest dilemma in the 2 weeks I spent in Brasov. At approximately -15 degrees and windy, it was a real adventure to go out dressed in anything else than the ski suit. You've certainly seen that on instagram. I'm the #snowman!!! -20 degrees, wind and a lot a snow is the perfect combination. A photo posted by Carmen Negoita (@carmennegoita) on Jan 7, 2017 at 7:21am PST Still, I had a few days in which I managed to do a styling somewhat suited for the season. The secret lies in the quality of the clothes that come in direct...
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16 Jan

7 cities I want to visit in 2017

One of my greatest wishes in 2017, is to travel. And I do not mean in legal holidays or take a city break two 2 times a year. I want to become a professional traveler. Wow how does that sounds.? In black and white it sounds pompous even to me. I am very conscious that my wish in this moment is not feasible, but I think it’s not impossible. So, let's say it's a long-term desire and what I’ll do in the next 12 months will bring me closer to my dream. So this year will begin with a short list of seven new cities that I want to visit. Some are being planned, but the vast majority of them are...
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