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15 May

Shoes and Bags Fair @ Bucuresti Mall

My dears, I love accessories, I love shoes, I have lots of models in my wardrobe, different styles. Nevertheless, I always search for a new opportunity to update my collection with new models in trends. I remember my first trendy shoes I bought. I was in highschool back then, proud of my orange thick sole shoes. I think I bought them for 30 dollars and I was worried  I spent too much. It was the beginning of this new passion of mine for accessories. Each year I have been updating the collection with new models. Do you remember the high platform sandals we wore 15 years ago? Or the squared-toe shoes? Or the high boots with sharp toe? They were something wow at...
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28 Apr

Pin the ribbon

"Pin the ribbon" is a campaign organised by the Renaissance foundation, together with McCann Bucharest and MRM Romania and it’s purpose is the awareness for the Romanian women about breast cancer, the first cause of death among women from Romania. You’ve certainly read about this kind of campaigns in March, the month when everybody addresses to women. But it’s very important to be aware of this fact all around the year. This campaign has exactly this goal. The pink ribbons in the city want to remind us every day to go for a check-up. And the most beautiful is that each of us can stick such a ribbon for those around us. I did that and I hope you will also like the...
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17 Mar

Fashion Bloggers in Ploiesti Shopping City

Two weekends long, Ploiesti Shopping City was the host of the bloggers who tried to discover what can a mall outside Bucharest offer. All the activities were part of the Fashion & Beauty Corner program. And because shopping is more fun when you have company, I teamed up with Silvia Postolatiev and we went to explore. We tried to experiment a little of everything, to make a fair ideea about their list of stores and entertainment possibilities. We started our day with a make-up at Sephora, where we discovered the new Benefit mascara, but some other interesting products also. Of course we asked the lady that did our make-up a lot of questions, to find out her prefferences regarding make-up and...
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30 Jan


If my colleagues say they are trying for three days or a week to write this post, I can say that I’ve been trying for more than a month. I left for a beautifyl vacation (about which I will tell you the following weeks), I relaxed and I have some remainders for you, like telling you about my experience in Iasi, Oradea and Arad. And because I don’t like to start the New Year in debt, today I tell you about the wonderful bloggers meeting which had place in Iasi in December. After the beautiful experience#fashionbloggersinmaramures, organised by Laura Maxim, my dear friends Madalina Grigore and Alex Raileanu had the brave innitiative to continue this project in Iasi. And I say...
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2 Dec

Two years of blogging

My dears, I can’t believe that it’s been two years since I started this adventure. I began in a shy way, without knowing the secrets of this job, but I learned on the way and I still have a lot to learn, but I have a joy, because I know I succeeded to inspire a lot of you. I know that at times I shocked you with my outfit choices and there are deffinitely going to be more of that moments, but my explosive and energetic nature inspire me sometimes to take such decisions. But don’t forget that fashion is not maths, it’s a moment’s fantasy which we transpose into reality through clothes. So dare for more and don’t be...
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14 Oct

Fashion bloggers celebrating Romanian tradition in Maramures

My dears, as you have already seen in my Facebook and Instagram photos, I have spent one 100% Romanian weekend alongside 15 fashion bloggers, all invited by our friend, Laura Maxim, in Maramures, the proper region for this kind of activity. In order to feel the local vibe, we decided that one day we wear something traditional. Though it wasn’t the first time I had worn traditional costume (click here), this time all of us had to mix tradition with modern, in one personal way. Imagine that everything became more interesting as I was surrounded by 15 creative girls. If you have already seen their posts, you realized that each of us used her own style. Even though I like manly...
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28 Apr


Last week I’ve participated at my good friend’s wedding in Maramures, in the North of Romania. I hadn’t been in that area since I was a child, so I was very enthusiastic about coming back to those wonderful places. I, once again, found out that we have a beautiful country which, unfortunately, do not know to promote well. As an example, what happened to be on my way to Cascada Cailor (The Horses Waterfall). I had heard about this place from my friends and I wanted to visit it. Even if I had to climb the mountain for more than one and a half hour. All the people I met on my road told me that I have nothing to...
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22 Jan


My dears, it is my pleasure to announce you that one of the most beautiful projects I have been involved in,  M Calendar, has just been released. It is the 2014 calendar that includes 12 photo editorials starring 12 Romanian fashion bloggers. Myself included. The project is conceived and  produced by Mitichi, photographer and organiser of Sibiu Fashion Week. The calendar represents a reinterpretation of iconic figures’ photo sessions, such as Madonna, Coco Chanel, Grace Kelly, Dita Von teese, Jackie Kennedy, Brigitte Bardot.  Me, with my androgynous style,  chose Twiggy. The result? Take a look at the following photos! Don’t forget that you can buy the calendar on Enjoy!   Pohotography by MITICHI   THE MAKING OF     SHARE WITH YOUR FRIENDS: ...
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27 Dec


This month Damat celebrated three years of being present on the Romanian market. "Those three years have meant 7 stores opened in cities like Bucharest, Cluj and Iasi and we are planning to open 3 more in 2014. During this period more than 500,000 romanian have chosen Damat Tween and D's Damat products, and over 40 celebrities, from different domains like television, press, arts, politics and sport  people, artists, journalists, political and sports chose to wear our collections. We would like to thank all those who have chosen our brands and hope to remain in their preferences" , said Theodora Burz, International Marketing & Expansion Manager at Orka Holding. Although Damat is an exclusively male fashion brand, obviously I chose an androgynous attire...
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