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15 Feb

Smoothie with parsley

Even if not everyone likes it, the parsley has a lot of nutritional properties. It’s mainly a source of vitamin C, but it also contains calcium, folic acid, betacarotene and many others. In smoothies or other juices you can’t feel the specific taste of persley very well, so you can try it with confidence. I want to show you today a recipe which I found and I had the curiosity to try it. It had a really good taste and quick to make. Ingredients: One banana One orange One kiwi fruit One parsley bundle Two mint leaves 200 ml alemonds milk You mix all the ingredients in the blender and you serve it right away. Enjoy! ...
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26 Dec

Carrots cream soup

I know that lately I couldn’t keep you posted about all my culinary experiments. I promised to show you the recipe for a soup with cashew sour cream and now I’m keeping it.    Ingredients: 6 screaped carrots, one avocado, a 3 cm piece of ginger, 1 clove of garlic, 50g fresh tomatoes, 2 spoons of Himalaya salt, one teaspoon of turmerique. We put them all in the Thermomix or in the blender and we mix for 10 seconds. We add 300ml of water and we mix well until it looks like a cream soup. We put it in bowls, and we add a spoon of cashew sour cream.    Enjoy and I’m waiting for your impressions.   ...
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7 Dec

Cashew sour cream

I’ve been trying to find a way to replace cheese, yogurt and sour cream for a while. Not totally, but in a 70-80% proportion. I don’t know if you know this, but cheese is harder to digest than meat and that’s why I’m trying to avoid it. Even though, from time to time I get a craving for cheese and tomatoes. Today I managed to find a very good recipe for sour cream. I’m still working on that for yogurt and cheese. Raw sour cream is made of cashew(caju).    You will need:  250g of cashew Half a lemon’s juice One spoon of Himalaya salt One spoon of apple vinegar Around 150 ml of water Put the cashew in water for four hours of soaking,...
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30 Nov

Raw chocolate mousse

I know that this may seem strange to many, but I’m not a fan of chocolate and yes, I know I’m one of the lucky ones, because many people adore this dessert. So it’s one less pleasure for me. But from time to time it’s good to make an exception. Today I’m going to give you something to enjoy. I tested a new recipe which turned out to be really good. I ate the mousse, I liked it, but it’s not something I would eat every day. But for the chocolate lovers it’s definitelly a delice so I’m going to share the recipe. I peeled one avocado and a banana, I put them in the blender and I...
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17 Nov

Homemade ice cream

Even if the summer is gone, for some the ice cream remains their favorite dessert. I am not a big fan of ice cream, but once in a while… couldn’t hurt – particularly the homemade one. Last time I wrote about frozen bananas ice cream, but now I played with some frozen berries. I love forest fruits and every winter I fill in my freezer mostly with berries which I use for smoothies and ice cream. How is it made? A mix of fruits is blended with a small quantity of water or almond milk until you obtain a composition that can be poured in dishes. However, try not to make it too liquid so the flavor of the fruits will preserve.  After...
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11 Nov


Every day we have an intake of chemicals in our body from the air we breathe, but also through processed aliments. That’s why, from time to time, our body needs a cleaning or in modern terms, a detox. The best method trough which we can do that is a proper diet. Some choose a juice diet , others preffer detox salads, based mostly on green colour aliments. Why green?Because everything that is green alkalizes our body. Through using processed aliments in our daily menus our body gets too much acidity, and in an acid environment all bacteria and diseases have a proper place to multiplicate. The moment we choose to give up thermic prepared aliments and we base our diet...
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3 Nov


My dears, I know that lately I didn’t have time to post recipes that I’ve tried, but I promise to get back to a daily basis. Even when I don’t post on the blog, you can find inspiration on my Facebook and Instagram pages or directly on our raw-vegan boutique’s page @rawlife or    Today I’ll show you a simple recipe, which I make when I want something good to drink which can even replace a meal, prefferable the breakfast. It’s a three fuit smoothie: banana, mango and raspberries. You mix three bananas with a mango in the blender until they turn into pasta. You put the combination in a glass, but keep a litte in the blender to mix it...
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17 Oct

Breakfast with figs

My dears, this week’s recipe is one of my favourites. Because I like figs very much I thought I should use them in one of my recipes for my blog (I use them in many mixtures which I make in the blender, but now I wanted their shape to be seen, not to grind them). And because fruit goes so well with yogurt and cereal, I mixed a bio Olimpus yogurt with Crunchy bio cereal from Verival or crunchy cereal with forest fruit from Sanovita. I put the mixture in a thin layer on the bottom  of the glass, I decorated with figs the side of the glass and in the middle I added more of the mixture, I put almonds and...
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6 Oct

Egg and spinach breakfast

I sometimes feel the need to eat eggs in the morning, but not fried, in order to be more healthy. I found a way to do it but still to remind me of the fried egg my grandmother used to cook. I put lightly boiled spinach and egg opened in hot water on toasted bread or crackers. For garnishing, I chose boiled asparagus and sun flower seeds. I already know that asparagus is great for detox, anti-aging and is also an aphrodisiac, and the sun flower seeds are a great source of healthy fats, fibers and protein. I think you already know that spinach has plenty of chlorophyll which helps regenerate the blood, and the egg has a lot of...
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19 Sep

Vanilla protein shake

Dears, today I’ll teach you how to make a protein shake, which I love. In the last time I prefer to use the hemp protein (about this shake I’ll tell you in another post), and occasionally I'm using vanilla protein, because I like the taste and looks good as decoration.  At a measure of protein powder (brand depends on you) put a banana, almond milk and coconut water, to become fluid and for a boost of vitamins add a teaspoon of maca. For the decoration I used pomegranate, it's a great combination with white. PHOTOGRAPHY BY IULIANA POPESCU   SHARE WITH YOUR FRIENDS ...
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