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27 oct.

Salata detox crunchy

In ultima perioada toata lumea este receptiva la acest concept de detox, dar el este asociat mai ales cu o cura de sucuri de cateva zile. Un lucru foarte bun de altfel, dar care trebuie facut cum trebuie si mai important este ce facem dupa ce terminam aceasta cura. Eu sunt de parere ca dieta este cea mai buna metoda de detoxifiere, iar anumite alimente sunt excelente pentru a face acest proces, dar despre asta vreau sa va povestesc intr-un post viitor unde o sa am un invitat special. Salata detox crunchy pe care vreau sa vi-o arat este foarte gustoasa, satioasa si excelenta pentru orice masa. Avem nevoie de salata, varza rosie, morcov, ceapa si avocado. Sosul il facem din iaurt bio, putin...
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25 sept.

Cum sa faci lapte de migdale acasa

Astazi o sa va arat o reteta de baza, care o sa ajute foarte mult in bucatarie. Iar pentru toti prietenii mei, care m-au intrebat, o sa va arat cat de usor este sa faceti laptele de migdale acasa.  Puteti sa il faceti in orice blender, dar unul de putere mare o sa ii dea alta consistenta. Dar orice pas, cat de mic, este un pas, asa ca incepeti cu ce aveti. Aveti nevoie de 200 g de migdale (eu le folosesc pe cele de la Bioritmo; in curand vor avea si shop online), apa filtrata, un saculet special si vase unde sa strecurati. Procedeul, dupa cum vedeti si in filmulet nu dureaza mai mult de 5 minute. Daca vreti sa ii dati...
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12 sept.

Bucataria lui Carmen

M-ati intrebat de mai multe ori pe Instagram sau pagina de Facebook cum se prepara anumite produse  pe care eu le postez asa ca m-am decis sa fac o rubrica pe canalul meu de Youtube in care sa va si arat cum se fac, nu doar sa va scriu o reteta. De asemenea, pe noua pagina de Facebook,  Bucataria lui Carmen,  incerc sa postez cam ce mananc eu intr-o zi, atat facute de mine, cat si in oras. Nu sunt produse sau retete raw-vegane, ci un stil de viata sanatos, uneori low-carb, ca sa ma ajute in programul meu de slabit. Apropo, am slabit doua kg si jumatate. Yupppy!!! In programul meu de slabit va povesteam ca dupa antrenament folosesc un shake...
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29 apr.

Raw Hot Chocolate

Raw hot chocolate is a drink good even for me, even if I am not a big fan of chocolate. It’s a light and energizing drink due to the superfoods it contains, and also for the cocoa content. It’s very easy to prepare with a blender or even by hand, but the ingredients won’t mix up as good. I put alemond milk and hazelnuts, a little raw cocoa with Carob powder, honey, Lukum and maca. You mix them easily and you can even warm it up, but not more than 40 degrees, because then it’s not going to be raw anymore. Easy, right? Enjoy and let me know how it was! Photography by Iuliana Popescu Ciocolata calda raw este o bautura chiar si pentru mine,...
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22 apr.

Raw Smoothie

My dears, I am a devote of food that’s as liquid as possible. In many days, two of my meals are made of raw smoothies or protein shakes. Today I want to show you a smoothie which I tried a while ago and I found it very interesting. For the first composition I added some red beet, honey, two spoons of psyllium bran and alemond milk to make it fluid. I put it in a glass and I left it in the fridge until I made the other composition. The second layer is made of a nectarina, two bananas, ginger, turmeric and alemond milk. If you are patient enough for both layers to harden they will look really nice, each in its own color. But...
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10 apr.

Happy Friday – Raw Meal Plan

My Raw Meal Plan for today Breakfast Parsley paste 150 gr Crackers 50 gr (oatmeal, buckwheat flakes, sesame, psyllium bran, poppy, olive oil, oregano, honey). Raw Cupcake with forrest fruit Lunch Raw Peas soup 250 gr Raw Lasagna 200 gr Dinner Mushroom salad 250 gr     Mic dejun Pasta de patrunjel 150 gr Crackers 50 gr (din fulgi de ovaz, fulgi de hrisca, susan, tarate psyllium, mac, ulei de masline, oregano, miere). Cupcake cu fructe de padure Pranz Supa de mazare 250 gr Lasagna 200 gr Cina Salata de ciuperci 250 gr  ...
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9 apr.

Red Thursday

Breakfast Lemonade with mint, ginger and goji 500 ml Kalamate olives paste 150 gr Crackers 50 gr (oatmeal, buckwheat flakes, sesame, psyllium bran, poppy, olive oil, oregano, honey). Lunch Spaghetti with tomato sauce 200 gr Choco Cunchy Cake Dinner Green salad 200 gr Mic dejun Limonada cu menta, ghimbir si goji 500 ml Pasta de masline kalamata 150 gr Crackers 50 gr (din fulgi de ovaz, fulgi de hrisca, susan, tarate psyllium, mac, ulei de masline, oregano, miere). Pranz Spaghete cu sos de rosii 200 gr Tort Choco Crunchy Cina Salata verde 200 gr...
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8 apr.

Orange Wednesday

Breakfast Pineapple smoothie 500 ml Fresh salad 150 gr Lunch Coconut soup 250 gr Hamburger with kohlrabi “French fries”-200 gr Dinner Green salad 250 gr   Mic dejun Smothie de ananas 500 ml Salata de cruditatii 150 gr Pranz Supa de cocos 250 gr Hamburger cu "cartofi prajiti" din gulie - 200 gr Cina Salata verde 250 gr...
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7 apr.

Exotic Tuesday

Breakfast Energizing milkshake- 500 ml, made of banana, dates, cashew, vanilla, cinnamon, maca, lukum. Energizing bar of cashew, dates, sun-flower seeds, cranberries, goji, oatmeal, psyllium bran. Lunch Beech sponges soup- 200 g Tabule Salad 100g (tomatoes with parsley)   Dinner Guacamole 150 gr Crackers 50 gr (oatmeal, buckwheat flakes, sesame, psyllium bran, mac, olive oil, oregano, honey).   See you tomorrow!       Mic dejun Milkshake energizant - 500 ml din banana, curmale, caju, vanilie, scortisoara, maca, lucuma. Baton energizant din caju, curmale, seminte de floarea soarelui, merisoare, goji, fulgi de ovaz, tarate psyllium. Pranz Supa din bureti de fag - 200 gr Salata tabule 100 gr (rosii cu patrunjel)  Cina Guacamole 150 gr Crackers 50 gr (din fulgi de ovaz, fulgi de hrisca, susan, tarate psyllium, mac, ulei de masline, oregano, miere).   Ne vedem maine!...
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6 apr.

A week of fasting with healthy and delicious raw products

For some years now I try to eat meat and animal products as little as possible. Currently, almost 70 % of my daily alimentation consists of vegan products. I’ve done a lot of research for understanding this lifestyle, in order to know which aliments are beneficial and in which combinations. What is more, I learned and experimented new recipes which are not just healthy, but also tasty. Raw vegan or raw gourmet, the way we have it at Rawyal Brunch and Cakes, means the transition from unhealthy food, tasty only because of the additives and flavor enhancers, to green, natural, raw food, directly from the nature. This doesn’t mean only vegetables and fruit, but also a series of natural aliments which, combined...
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