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9 Nov

The most stylish accessory of the season

The backpack One of my favorite accessories of this years must haves  is the backpack. Besides reminding me of school, it is also super stylish, versatile & practical. Leather or fabric, plain or printed , the backpack should be in your  wardrobe. No, the backpack doesn't mean  only sporty outfits , depending on the model & material you can integrate into casual, office or even cocktail looks. Also, it helps if you have back problems  as it provides a good posture. Of course my favorite backpack is made in collaboration with Yvy Bags. On you can order a chic and customizable mini backpack that can become a smartbag. Find more information on the site about my precious little backpack, here. What is your...
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24 Mar

Yellow outfit for London Fashion Week

My dears I think that you realized by now that I love yellow. Why ? Yellow is a vibrant, warm color which catches the eye. It symbolizes energy, joy, fertility. But you have to prove some courage when you wear an outfit in such a strong color. Still, if you keep in mind some tips, you make sure you don’t make any mistakes and you stand out in a positive way. For London Fashion Week I decided to wear an outfit where the yellow color was the star. I wore a manually knitted item from Sophia33. About this brand I also wrote here.  Because I decided to wear a monochrome outfit, I paid more attention to the accessories. Because this color is so...
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19 Mar

What i wore on my second day at London Fashion Week AW 2015

My dears, it’s not necessary to reffer to the color of the year anymore. Everyone’s been talking about it… But for this London Fashion Week outfit, I kept that in mind. I chose various red shades and the result was amazing. They say that red is forbidden to shy girls. It’s true! You’ve got guts? It’s absolutely necessary to wear red with an attitude! That’s what I did with my LFW outfit. The outfit was photographed for a long time and admired and it also appeared in some important fashion magazines. Enjoy! Photography by Rares Pulbere ...
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