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28 mart.

10 reasons why you should visit Israel – part II

Israel, Akko, travel, trip
Because it was near, the next morning we took a short cruise on the Sea of ​​Galilee, the famous biblical scene where Jesus walked on water. Our group and a group of Chinese people, where the only ones on the boat and the hosts surprised us with a beautiful moment. They raised our countries flags and played each country's national anthem. Then they taught us a traditional Jewish dance After the cruise, I went to Capernaum, the town where Jesus did three miracles, where we visited the ruins of the synagogue and home and St. Peter. We continued our journey to Nazareth where we visited the church that houses the spring where the Archangel appeared to Virgin Mary...
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16 mart.

10 reasons why you should visit Israel – part I

Jerusalem, Mount of Olives, Travel
But first the story. Last month I was invited by Sorin Dutoiu &  Christian Stan  from Travel for Senses in a trip organized with Israeli Ministry of Tourism , to discover what wonderful places this country offers. Until then, Israel meant to me, primarily, holy places full of stories, places that  I wanted to see since I was a kid . I was born into a religious family and studied the Bible every week, so to see those places was a dream come true. But I discovered that Israel is much more than that. I was impressed by how modern this country is, they super nightlife, the food, the avant-garde designers and the last but not least, the very...
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19 feb.

My Palau adventure – Part III

Peleliu Island Bloody Beach
The last part of my Palau adventure began on the island of Peleliu, where one of the most important battles between Americans and Japanese took place in World War II The island is full of remnants reminiscent of the bloody battle. Rusty tanks, guns, and holes in Mount Umurbrogol, from where the  Japanese were defending themselves. Photos by Rares Pulbere I was telling you in the previous post that we stayed at Storyboard, a complex of 6 houses overlooking the beach. The place is very well maintained, good food, but in the evening is better to stay indoors because it is full of insects, crabs and other creatures. In fact the whole island has live beaches in the evening. I do not recommend to...
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16 ian.

7 orase pe care vreau sa le vizitez in 2017

Una din marile mele dorinte in 2017 este sa calatoresc. Si nu ma refer in vacantele legale sau sa fug cate un city break de 2 ori pe an. Imi doresc sa devin calator de meserie. Wow cum suna asta.? Scrisa negru pe alb suna pompos chiar si pentru mine. Sunt foarte constienta ca in acest moment nu este realizabil, dar cred ca nu este imposibil. Deci sa zicem ca este o dorinta pe termen lung si ceea ce fac in urmatoarele 12 luni ma va aduce mai aproape de visul meu. Asa ca anul acesta o sa incep cu o lista scurta de 7 orase noi, pe care imi doresc sa le vizitez. Unele sunt in curs de planificare, dar...
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21 dec.

My Palau Adventure – Part II

If in the first post I was telling you that we got adjusted to the island and moved a bit with the kayaks, in this post we have enough adrenaline. We decided that we must discover everything the island has to offer. We started with a land tour for recognition, which was not very hard. The island has a road on the east side and one on the west side ?. The rest are some little threads on the map and you are not advised to go that way (but we don’t like to be told what to do ?) The first day I went with a guide, in Babeldaob, the largest island, north of Koror. I saw Ngardmau Falls, which is very...
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13 dec.

First part of my Palau adventure

Back to reality, cold and routine, which is not necessarily a bad thing. It is nice to go on vacation, but at some point I  start to miss darling people in my life, my bed and the intimacy of my home. But enough nostalgia. Today I want to tell you about the special places I have visited in my last vacation in Palau. Until I found the offer, I didn’t even know where Palau is on the map and now I’m watching documentaries about the island. I don’t know a cheap route to recommend you. You can track the apps in the last travel post and maybe a system error occurs. (Now there’s an Amsterdam-Palau offer for 450 euros) Otherwise I believe the...
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12 nov.

Top aplicatii de travel

Am scris in ultimul meu post de travel cat de mult imi place sa calatoresc. De cele mai multe ori insa, bugetul, dar si timpul nu imi permit sa fac acest lucru atat de des cat mi-as dori. Imi doresc sa explorez toata lumea si sa ajung, macar odata in fiecare tara de pe glob. Unele destinatii  par insa foarte inaccesibile, cum a fost si Panama. Foarte multi prieteni, dar si cititori m-au intrebat cum am ajuns acolo si de ce am ales aceasta tara. Cand am timp citesc despre destinatii inedite si imi place foarte mult sa explorez tot ce este nou. Drumurile cunoscute sunt si ele interesante, dar lipseste partea aceea de adrenalina. Despre Panama v-am povestit pe...
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24 sept.

Why you need to book a ticket to Panama II

And after all this adrenaline and cold weather it’s necessary to go to the beach. I think the tourist region is the Bocas de Toro island, an archipelago so diverse and impressive that it is hard to describe in words or to explain why I like it so much. Each escapade on its various islands or even on the main island is an adventure. In Almirante leave the car parked in one of the special places and take one of the rides to Isla Colon, the main island in the archipelago. You will meet many locals on bicycles eager to help you leave your car and to find a boat. They don’t organize the rides they want tips but will help...
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30 aug.

Why you need to book a ticket to Panama

After my Panama vacation, I received lots of questions on Facebook and promised I’ll do a post about my recent beautiful experience in this country and about my first trip there also. That was last year, in 2015. If Panama is on your travel list, hope this tips will help. As a first tip, it would be ideal if you visit the country at the end of May - beginning of June, for two reasons. Plane tickets are cheaper, from Bucharest with Turkish Airlines it is about 480 euro and with KLM 520 euros, and you avoid the rain season also. True, it is quite awesome to go during winter holidays but the tickets are quite expensive. Also, I recommend you rent...
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